Running routes and help!!!!


Sep 2, 2009
I just moved to Recoleta and am in need of help. I am looking for running gear (namely long-sleeved running shirts because I am not used to cold weather) and running routes in this area. I have googled myself to death and have come up with nothing (no running route ideas, no running stores). Anyone have any ideas for me, or would like to accompany me on a run? Is there a large park nearby that would be good? Anything??? :) Gracias!
Do search this forum, Katie: information on running stores has been posted within the last few days.
The Running Store, Av. Córdoba 1360 will get you wnat you are looking for.

You won't be needing long sleeved shirts for very long - You may find the weather getting a little warmer over the next couple of months - It's a lot hotter here than in Hawaii in December :)
I live in Recoleta as well. While I usually run at the gym on various machines, as the weather gets warmer I do like run outside on occasion. You can send me a private email if you like and I will tell you where to go or, if you like, accompany you. There are some great places to run which are very convenient for us. Also REALLY great for biking on weekends.
Thanks, all! I really appreciate that help! rmartin...let's do it! I want to start running regularly again on Monday. I am thinking an 8 or 9 miler to get back into it. I am not really fast (about a 10 minute mile) but am definitely a distance runner, however I haven't run in nearly a month. Please message me if you are interested! :) Thanks also for the running store info! Muchas gracias!