Running shoes for marathon training


Apr 1, 2009
Hey everyone!

I'm starting training for a marathon mid next year and I'm really in need of really good running shoes from a store that take imprints of your feet while running on a treadmill.

I read on this forum that there's a store in BA called The Runner's Shop, but unfortunately they closed down recently.

Does anyone know of any other stores that might do this? I've been to both the big sports stores on Florida y Cordoba and Florida y Corrientes.

Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Also, just btw, does anyone have a website for the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers?

Thanks loads!
Milo - Hi -

There are problems with meeting your rquirements here in BsAs with regard to getting your feet measured etc., I have already identified this as a future business opportunity, but that will be a while down the line. In the meantime, if you PM me with your personal details I may be able to advise you in teh right direction regarding shoes and what would be best for you. All dependent on size, weight, experience, where your training is likely to be etc...

As for the BA Hash, I'm afraid the web site is dormant, but as a hasher myself, if you let me have your email address in that PM, I'll make sure you know when and where each run is. I'm trying to get someone to look at getting a web site sorted that gets the information out to everyone.
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