sales/businees development position


Mar 7, 2008

My company has an opening for a sales/business development position that would be suitable for an expat since it will be selling into the US. It pays base salary + commission. It would be full-time based in BA, however we want someone with experience in sales in the software/web/IT sector or similar. This isn't a telemarketing or comission-only job.

If anyone's interested, pls PM me and I'll send the info.

I recently moved to Argentina and am looking for a sales position. My background is in software sales to small businesses and hospitals. Please let me know where to send my resume if this position is still available.

Best Regards,

Sheila Besse

I had a few things that were going to be sent to me from the US. I have been warned by several people that things coming via USPS are often stolen. I was wondering if someone would be willing to bring the box to me by packing it in their suitcase. It is small and light. I also have experienced shipping via Fed-Ex and it is a disaster here. It involves going out to the airport to pick it up- and another 4 hrs. of bureaucracy in addition to random fees that they want to charge you that day.

Let me know if you can help! I would greatly appreciate it.
I had Fedex letter(s) packages sent from North America to BsAs. held for pickup downtown and they have arrived in 1.5 days.... no nightmare for me...!! :)
If you have things sent USPS...Express Mail International....items marked as "GIFTS" will get to your home. It it's not marked as "gifts" you will be charged duty for value of items...keep the value low 50 or so.... You can go to the website to locate costs...Argentina is zone 9...this goes by weight and is expensive...but it will get to your home...not downtown!! Don't know what you are sending but have them put items such as socks, t-shirts, etc...and also have them say personal items...

**also no sales slips or receipts that show value in box
We just had fed ex come and deliver a note- saying our package was being help at the airport- EZE- it was not an easy trip and consumed most of my day. As for the mail- I have heard from several people that they open the boxes and look through them- and then take what they want. I am hesitant to try this out.