San Juan, ARG


Considering a trip to Mendoza and wondering if anyone has visited or know anything about the town of San Juan just north of there. Any info appreciated.



I was there recently. The city of San Juan was rebuildt after the earthquarke of 1944. You can visit the Casa de Sarmiento and the Auditorium, which plays every Friday and most weekends. I recommend you to visit the cava (champagne production) and wineries. Going north you will find Cuesta del Viento and Jachal, which is very similar to the North West of Argentina (Salta, etc). If you like sports, let me tell you that the best place for windsurf is in San Juan because of the nature of the wind!!

There are several thermal waters, like Pismanta. Ischigualasto o Valle de la Luna is some 300 km north from San Juan city.

South of San Juan city you have La difunta Correa, Leoncito and Caucete.

Let me know by PM if you want/need more info or any recommendation.


I spent a week in San Juan a few years back and really enjoyed it. Went horse back riding alongside the pre-cordillera and took a drive out to some pretty nearby dique. The nightlife wasn't half bad either.

In July I'll likely be visiting Valle de la Luna, which looks amazing in the pictures I've seen.


Someone told me that it has a modern look (I guess after the earthquake more contemporary structures replaced destroyed ones?) but that it still has a small town feel to it. Is that true?

Also, are the outdoor activities such as windsurfing close to the city center or are there hotels and the like outside of town that would be better?

I have heard a bit too about the winds. The descriptions sound like the hot, dry Santa Ana winds of Los Angeles that fuel the wildfires there. The heat and the howling put people a bit on edge but surfers love it because they bring big waves. Does that sound like la zonda?

Thanks again for all the info!!