San Remo Creamed Corn


May 18, 2009
Oh, this is a minor little post to warn you about San Remo creamed corn. its about 80 cents US and is awful. Its basically a sludge of hominy peppered with kernels of corn youd give a pig, tough and dry.

I think it would be useful to share such don'ts along with dos on the food forum, don't you? When you find a product (that is easy to find) and you recommend it, why not share that with us? The newcomers especially must be baffled by the hit or miss with Argentine products. I think a recommendation should be easy to find though. Not much point in directing us to a product that is only found in an upscale shop in a rich part of town. I'm harried enough as it is now to travel an hour to buy a steak!

So, San Remo Corn--YUCK! Let us know what good stuff you find.

PS. Is red bell pepper really over 20 pesos a kilo?? what gives?