Sanding / repairing / refurbishing wooden floors


Jul 18, 2009
Hello group,

We live in Recoleta and we've now been in our apartment 20 years! DIOS! Time flies. I'd like to have our wooden floors resanded and resealed/revarnished. We remodeled the apartment when we first moved in and there are some areas that need to have new wood replaced and patched where the original installation wasn't done properly. 20 years ago, if you had a new wooden floor installed, you had to wait 4 months after installation for the wood to "dry and cure", before they would apply the varnish. I thought that was crazy as why can't they use wood that had been previously dried in a special kiln, but I was told at the time, that was how it was done.

I don't want to change to laminates. I love natural wood floors.

Anyone have someone they can recommend?

Thanks for any pointers!

Pete & Ron & the kitties Lola and Rocky
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