Saturday, Oct 22 in CABA - The Night of the Museums 2022


Jun 6, 2005
19 October 2022
The Night of the Museums allows you to visit more than 230 public and private cultural institutions and spaces that will be open from 7:00pm to 2:00am. All the activities of this event, organized by Gov't of the City of BA, are free. The program can be consulted through Boti, the City's WhatsApp chat (11-5050-0147) or on the website

So people will be able to move from one museum to another, there will be a free transport pass, which can be downloaded from Boti. Between 6:00pm and 2:00am this pass will allow to travel free on buses that display the advertising of the event on their units. The subway will also be free from 7:00pm until the service closes. The use of the 2,300 Ecobici bicycles will be available at no charge as well. The short list, neighborhood by neighborhood, of the spaces that will be open....

The complete list of activities by neighborhood: