Secure Money Exchange - Moving To The Us


Jun 11, 2012
Hello everyone!

My boyfriend is moving to be with me in San Francisco on Thursday on a student visa. As you may know, it's virtually impossible to get access to dollars in Argentina. He went through a huge process with AFIP to be able to exchange his pesos to dollars at the official exchange rate, only to be denied. It's very frustrating!

If you are looking for a secure way to exchange dollars to pesos, please contact us. You can either send me a PM or call him (Dani) at 39644878. The current official exchange rate is 5.46 pesos to the dollar, but we'll exchange them at 7.7. This is the exchange rate that is currently offering, and you won't have to pay all of their fees!

Thanks so much!
It's actually higher. There is once again a "virtual" holiday with the cuevas, where because of extreme pressure and threats from Moreno to keep the blue dollar price from rising or" else be shut down,", they are quoting artificially low prices "officially". Those that are trading are using last Fridays closing price of 8.75 on the dollar.
Also Ria Money Transfer is paying 8.0850 today (as an alternative to Xoom)
rather ask here than start a new thread too.

So I was looking at doing the xoom thing, but it seems you have to pick up at a local western union type store. This causes a problem because I won't be in the norther part of Argentina, just the south (chubut) and they have no buildings down there. I didn't want to take huge amounts out at a time, just like U$d 500 a month. At that rate though it would be pointless to travel north and pick it up as an option. What I would gain in the better exchange rate, id lose in travel costs.

I do have a DNI, but it expires in a few months. Would a bank accept an expired DNI for opening a bank account? Also I am a bit confused about how it all works still. Would I just transfer my money from my USA account, and it would come to the ARg account in pesos? I dont want to end up transferring money thinking I am getting 8 per dollar, and then be hit with the stupid 5.5 rate. If anyone could help me on this question, it would help me tons. Ive read the older forums, but most are outdated, and I know things quickly change with baking and stuff in arg. Xoom really is my only option, because I cant bring 10k in, but I will have a steady 500 a month flow to my USA account.

I could technically transfer it to a family I know in arg, and just ask them to pull it out of their account, but I don't like the idea of letting them handle my money, nor seeing how much I have...
If you manage to open a bank account (iffy with an expired DNI but who knows) you may be able get a savings account in dollars along with your savings account in pesos. Then you could keep dollars in that account and withdraw them as dollars. I personally would not keep a lot of dollars in an argentine
oh wow I didnt know you could access dollars :D thats actually quite helpful to know. There are a few argentine friends who would be happy to swap me the blue if i could get the dollars.