Seeking Bartender in Recoleta


Nov 2, 2009
Hey All,

I'm helping my bosses out with the search for a new bartender at the bar/pub I work at in Recoleta (Buller). And I just wanted to put a quick post up here to see if anyone is interested in a bartending position in Recoleta. We are looking for a bilingual, outgoing, female to pour beers and serve cocktails a few nights a week.

I have craigslist post without much success. I'm used to back in the States where you put a craigslist post up and the next morning you wake up with 20 candidates in your inbox.

Does anyone know another good place to advertise a job opening here in BA?

The pay is great and the staff is amazing so I can't imagine it will be hard to find someone. I'm new to BA so for me it's just a matter of where to start looking.

If anyone else just wants to stop into Buller for a beer, I work 6 nights a week (sin Wed). If you mention you've seen my site, the first beer is on me.

Best Regards.
I use Zonajobs ( I got my last two jobs through that site, and I used it when we needed to advertise job openings.

There are free posts and paid ones. You´ll probably get a good response.

Good luck!