Seeking Business Development Manager in Cap. Fed.


Jan 22, 2008
TRUELOGIC Software Solutions is a Global Solutions provider of Web
Development and Software Application development services. Our
experience includes working with companies such as McAfee, Honda,
Suzuki and Verizon.

We are currently looking to add to our staff a creative and highly motivated Business Development Manager.

The Job Description:

• Research and Generate Leads to offer our services

• Work with current customers to provide customer service

• Work with project managers and designers to complete projects for deadline.

• Direct and assist in related marketing projects


• Preferably Bi-lingual English speaker w/ Advanced level of Spanish

• Strong phone and interpersonal skills

• A bachelor’s degree or equivalent sales or account management work experience

• 1-2 years sales and marketing experience

• Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT) and strong basic computer skills

• Currently living in Buenos Aires & Will stay in Buenos Aires a minimum of one year

• Age: 23-28

If you are responsible, well-mannered and looking to work in a
young, fun and challenging work environment in an Argentine company,
Please email your resume to: [email protected] with subject line:
Sales/Marketing and your expected wages.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Quoting "Fishface":
"Sorry, is this ad[ ] 'ageist' or is that allowed?"
I think that it's allowed. Don't believe me? Just look at the classifieds in Clarín or La Nación.
Remember, U.S. laws don't apply here!
age discrimination, is legal in this country, but..........the criteria stated and age requested are way out of alignment. Perhaps their first ad should be for an exp. hiring manager. or, Maybe we should assume that "Business Development" really means Cold Calling Manager.
Thank you for your comments. I am happy to answer your questions so that no one is misled:1. We posted the ages 23-28 because we are a young company and these are the range of ages in our company. In order to be able to be a good fit and so the person we contract feels comfortable in the environment, we are searching within those ages.2. This is not a call center position. This position is for a sales and marketing manager. This position requires someone responsible and creative as they will be the one developing the sales and marketing strategies. 3. We offer a very competitive salary by Argentine standards - Base + Commission. Thank you for your time and we look forward to receiving your resumes.
Personally I prefer honest job adverts. Try going for a job when everyone at interview is younger than you. You know you have no chance but the PC brigade say that htey cannot tell you, So every body's time is wasted.
Let us hope that the loony liberals and PC brigade never get a foothold in Argentina.
If you look at the home page, it states that this site is a place where people can share experiences and help each other out. Since the people making the above sarcastic comments obviously haven’t applied for this job, I can’t see what experiences they have to share that are directly relevant to it. If someone had applied for the job and found the Ad to be misleading in relation to what was on offer, then I would expect them to post that experience. I don’t expect to see people blindly criticising something based on nothing more than the way things are done in their country.

If the person who has written this Ad has done so within the laws of Argentina (which are different to the US and Europe) then I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone has the freedom of choice not to apply for the job or not to accept it once they have.

I’m fortunate to have been transferred here by a European company but I have met plenty of people looking to be employed by a local company and such sarcastic comments won’t help these people – as a prospective employer wanting to advertise on this site, I would think twice if I saw the reactions to this particular job Ad.

And finally…well said Tangobob!
>>if you look on the home page, it says where people can share experience and help each other out...
I can only help people out between the ages of 35-45
I am sorry if that sounds ridiculous.
Brend, I do not accept/support prejudice like that - and usually there is a raft of other prejudices right behind it too. Critical YES definately.
But Brend, you go for it and apply and share with all of us your wonderful and rich experience.
TB, I hope the 'PC brigade' do show up - at least they will manifest some change in peoples deeply conservative outlook here. Left or right its conservative and stagnant.
oh, and three cheers for Mr Spielberg - well done for speaking out.
hip, hip...