Seeking printer for custom postcards


Apr 6, 2010
Hi, all.

I have designed a series of postcards and am looking for a place that can print them. I can provide the designs in either RGB or CYMK, though RGB is preferred. I would like for the printing to reasonably priced, but quality is also quite important. Let me know if you have any leads!

You can't print in RGB -- RGB is for screen only. CMYK is for print -- a printer holds 4 ink reels -- C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow, K = black. RGB = the three tones that a used to combine colors on your screen Red Green and Blue.

If you want to print anything and not have your blacks come out blueish and colors untrue to what you designed you need to convert it all to CMYK.

Also, since you weren't aware of the color issue, are you aware of the dpi issue? Your screen is 72 pixels per inch. Quality print is 300 dots per inch. You can print at 180 / 200 dpi but it's not going to be great -- it will depend on the type of paper you choose and the bleed -- different papers can absorb different amounts of ink, so having 300 dpi isn't necessary (ie a newspaper quality papaer bleeds a lot so images don't need to be 300).

So if you've designed your postcards on your screen and they are only 72 dpi, they are not going to print how you think. they will either come out totally bitmapped, or they will come out very small...

Go to Taller 4, they have a decent range of papers, matte or glossy, laminate options etc, and are reasonably priced. They are all over the city -- just google.
There are a lot of print shops around the Facultad de Medicina. The one I go to regularly is on Uriburu in between Viamonte, and Tucuman on teh odd side of the street.