Selling my new 42 meter 7th floor studio apartment in Palermo


3980 Paraguay - studio - 38 meters. 42 meters with balcony. With a baulera storage area on the floor. Building completed about 1 1/2 years ago

I live In Mar del plata. I just don’t want to deal with renting or Airbnb or any of that. So I need to sell it.

Great nice studio on the 7th floor. Building has a parilla and a jacuzzi on the roof. I am listing it at 135,000 I know this is not the best time to sell COVID etc. but this site has been great to me for years

I thought maybe I get lucky find someone looking to move down here. Could be easy. Even depositing the money in the USA and I hand you the keys and I will pay for the notary paperwork for you
It is a studio I will attach a few basic old photos I have. It is 42 total meters 7th floor the photos are not great but it gives you an idea

if interested write me. Will listen to offers the place is great I just live in mar del
Plata. Cheers


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i was just informed my studio is more worth 110,000 i did not know that market was as bad as it is... hahaha so the price has changed to 109.000 i only got two people writing me but i wanted to correct the price anyway.... i did not know how to edit it.....thanks cheers