Semi rare digital camera batteries in BsAs


Hi all!Does anyone know a place or places I could try to look for digital camera batteries. Not really going to Carrefour, Jumbo or the other big electronic stores where they sell digital cameras - for I see they don´t carry the one I need the battery for, nevermind the battery itself. I´m thinking, hoping for a store that sells cellphone batteries, camera batteries and stuff like that, more specialized. It's your typical one-two year old Sony pocket digital camera. But maybe too new for BsAs ;) and thus I haven´t seen it around. Thank you for your help.


There is a battery store on Tucuman & Suipacha.
You can just stop at any place that sells something remotely similar and show them your battery. If they don't have it, they will tell you where to find it.


Try the professional photo places on Talcahuano. Kinefot is a very reliable place, its on Talcahuano 300s or 400s.