Sending Mail To Argentina


SO I am just wondering a cheaper way to send mail (small packages). I have a friend who wants a few things, but I dont want to spend like 50 bucks to send her a few food items that you cant get down there..... So how do you all send cheaply? Or is it even possible?

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The smaller the package the better chance it has of getting here - but no guarantees.
(And by small I mean less than a pound and preferably in a bubble envelope.)
Send by regular mail.

You could always try your luck, just don't send anything you wouldn't want getting lost.


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My son has sent quite a few small packages to me and so far none have been lost or disappeared. But they are hand wrapped with addresses written in his own handwriting. Nothing that I order and have sent here by a business arrives with the exception of one small book. Three books never showed up.

I don't even try it any more.


FOOD ITEM!!! noo never it will never reach here... my mother sent me some spices and it's been more then 2 years I haven't got it yet, neither they returned it to my mother... later someone told me that food items are not allowed via parcel.


It's complete chance if it shows up. A couple months ago I received a package of used clothes, spices, sauces, and a used camera. It arrived at retiro without problems, didn't have to pay taxes, just the cost to send it. Make sure to send via regular mail, not UPS, DHL, etc.


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My mom once sent me a bottle of tabasco sauce... A mini bottle. :( Arrived to my door no problem, regular mail. (I of course finished it in two days). A roommate received several used clothing packages from her family in London, Royal Mail, no problems. Had to go to Retiro and wait but nothing was stolen. It's a crapshoot and these stories are not common. I'd say don't risk it.


I have sent, or been sent 3 packages, all with varying degrees of success:

1. I sent myself a jar of Vegemite. It did not make it :(

2. I sent a card to someone (regular mail). It showed up 6 weeks later (Well after the persons birthday :angry: )

3. My dad sent me a simcard via registered mail. However the package disappeared on the tracking service after it left Australia. 5 weeks later I still had not received it. The old man chased up Australia Post asking where it could be. Maybe they hassled the correo here, cos I got it 2 days later. (Maybe it was sheer coincidence)

I hate having to have stuff sent here though and try to avoid it.