Sending My Personal PC to Myself


Aug 2, 2021
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if any of you have any experience shipping your personal belongings from abroad to Argentina.
I read some old posts, and it seems it might be exempt from the black hole of impuestos that is Aduana/AFIP,
so I wanted to check with you all first as it's not just used clothes/furniture/big things, just a single box.

Before coming to Argentina I was doing some contract work up in Canada, and left a desktop PC with a friend as it
was a pain in the ass to fly back with it to the US, and wasn't sure what was going on with COVID and my husband
and I's plan at the time to move to the US. Needless to say, life happened, and I ended up moving back here, and
we plan to stay for the forceable future.

That being said, I wanted to know what my options are regarding getting my PC here. Given the cost of components
in Argentina, global parts shortages, and crypto currency mining making the cost of a graphics card run in to the
thousands, I'd rather just have my friend mail it to me.

As this isn't a purchase, how would I declare it to Aduana? Thank you all for your help/insight!
There are companies here that assemble PCs from parts. I would say prices (in the dollar blue terms) are about the same as in the US, or at least you can find something reasonable. If you decide to ship your PC to yourself, for shipping and taxes you will probably take like 70% hit (and have to visit the customs @ Ezeiza).

I would suggest you to sell your PC there and buy a new one here (again, assembled from parts). Since parts shortages are global, I guess you should be able sell your current PC for a higher price. And 70% margin is huge, may be you can even pull in some upgrades in the meantime.

Don't look at "PCs armadas" (they go for the cheapest components possible to make the prices accessible). Just pick the parts that you want, and pay them to assemble the PC.