Sergio "La Maravilla" Martinez


Nov 16, 2010
The first time I saw Sergio “La Maravilla” Martinez fight was in December of last year...when he stepped in as the last minute replacement fighter for the supposedly injured Middleweight Champion Kelly the opponent for Paul “The Punisher” Williams…a 6’2’ freak of nature who every other champion or contender studiously avoided fighting. With just two weeks preparation, Sergio Martinez ended up delivering what was regarded as the Fight of the Year, ultimately losing the fight in a close decision, although most spectators thought he clearly won!
Martinez bounced back 4 months later by beating Pavlik for the Middleweight Championship. So goes the set up for tonight’s rematch with Paul Williams for Sergio’s championship belt.

The fight finally begins…his first defense of the lineal Middleweight Championship once held by his famed countryman Carlos Monzon. Williams seems determined to beat Martinez at his own game…and from the opening bell is all over La Maravilla…making Martinez look very much like the 35 year old fighter that he is...but to make matters worse…Sergio comes back to his corner after the first round...and tells his trainer that he may have broken his hand! My heart drops in my chest as I hear him say these words in Spanish...for fear that Williams …who had been beating him to the punch every time so going to now kill him!

I actually start to get sick to my stomach as Martinez gets up for the second round…and walks toward what I’m praying are not the beginning of a terrible beating! But 90 seconds later...seemingly oblivious to the great pain in his hand…Sergio "La Maravilla" Martinez lands a punch…one that will undoubtedly go down in boxing history as ONE OF THE GREATESTS KNOCKOUTS EVER...sending the fearsome Paul “The Punisher” Williams flying…knocked out cold before he even hit the canvas! I jump up screaming at the television…DALE SERGIO….DALE…because I just can’t believe what I’ve just seen! Simply amazing! Maybe now…Argentines will finally embrace Sergio “La Maravilla” Martinez for what he is…THE GREATEST ARGENTINE BOXER...EVER!!!