Settled, Now On To Exploring!


Hello Expats!

I got to BA about 3 weeks ago. I came here for a year long extended studies course. Since it is only 3 nights a week I am also looking for a job, but that's not why I am writing here (alhtough if any of you have tips/offers they are most definitely welcome!!).

So I finally found and moved into an apartment. And next week I have my turno to get my temporary residency. As happy as I am to have gotten those things moving along, I still haven't really gone out and met people. I am living in Las Ca~itas, and there are so many nice little places to hang out and have some drinks (I am not really a Boliche type of person). I just haven't really gotten the guts to go to a bar during peak hours to have drinks by myself.

Any expats in the area?? Or any tips on what I should do? Where I should go??