Shipping a box to the USA


I am moving back to the USA in a few days and I would like to ship some of my stuff back. Does anyone have a recommendation for cheap, reliable ground service?



just my 2 cents... but I dont think there is a "cheap" way ... and you are leaving in just a few days.....I dont know what you are shipping....but if it is small stuff....the best way is just to fill 50 pound boxes and send them with yourself on the plane..check with your airline....but even at 100 dollar fee for each 50 pound box.. I think you are better off... but of course I dont know what you are shipping back.... I hope you find a good cheap shipping company I would like to know if you do...
good luck!!!!


I agree with Steve. Contact the airline first to ensure you understand their policies. All of the international shippers (DHL, Fedex, etc) are very expensive. It costs hundreds of dollars to ship medium-sized boxes, those firms don't offer 'ground' service for international cargo. If you have a lot of stuff to move its more economical to ship things in a shipping container, but even the smallest shipping containers cost thousands of dollars.


Last time I checked the airlines and UPS charged about the same. But now many airlines want $100 per 50 pounds. Check UPS and see if they have held their rates the same.


Did a search and there are so many threads, so I just picked this one to bump.
What about just a small to medium box under 15lbs, with just some papers, few books, brochures, etc? Is the Correo the better, less-expensive option?
Already have a tad too much for air check-in whenever that comes, so I'd prefer to ship before flying. Thanks.


Check out DHL. I say this because I recently found a website for a saddle maker in Argentina that ships worldwide for free via DHL and the price of their saddles was in the $600USD range.


ellbee said:
continental charges 50 bucks for extra luggage/boxes...last time i checked....a month ago.

Ummm... Continental doesn't exist anymore.... But, yes, don't ship, pay extra to bring on the plane with you. What more, you won't have to wait for it and wonder if it ever will actually arrive!