Shipping versus checking?


Feb 5, 2010
Hi all,
I was wondering, with all the new charges for checked baggage. Does anyone have experience that shipping stuff (like clothes) is cheaper than checking it with your baggage?
Bring it with you on the plane is the best option. If you ship it, it will likely get stuck in customs where you will have to spend a lot of time and money to get it out. There are posts about this in this forum. Try the search function.
You can not send used clothes into the country. Plus, the extra bag fee is actually less expensive than shipping the same amount of stuff.
You may want to check with several airlines about their extra bag fees. Last time I flew, American was cheaper than United.

Also make sure to ask if there's a baggage embargo on the date you are traveling. Airlines normally allow three extra suitcases, but during embargoes they may allow only one, or none at all.

Good luck!
The last time I came to Argentina I had five suitcases of used clothes. I paid $750 USD in excess baggage charges, but it was worth it.

Mini is right. You can't ship used clothes to Argentina and new clothes (with tags will be subject to high duties if they inspect your bags.