Shoot out in the barrio q loco

Wife is out with family I am in the house alone working on my website. Wham BOOM BOOM I know that sound all to well. 40 or more rounds going off people screaming not sure how many dead yet. Best I can understand so far the police grabbed some dealers they pulled arms out in the police station and it was on. The mother from a block away goes to see her son(s) and she passed out they had to carry her home. About a 10 minute exchange of fire but all I heard was shot guns. Next thing all the special units are here. After I did not hear shooting for about 10 minutes I tried to go out there but neighbors grabbed and made me go back in the house. Then they stayed here for an hour more or less. Your not going anywhere gringo. LOL I have good neighbors for the most part.

Dead boys in the barrio today I am waiting for the full story. I just hope none of the police got hurt. I am sure they did not enjoy that. I think I will buy them a big box of pastries tomorrow and drop it off.
Damn, glad to hear you and the family are ok at least.

Doesn't sound like a fun day. :x

Which area was this in? (If you'd rather not say, or want to be non specific for privacy then that makes sense of course).

Keep us updated and stay safe gringo :p

Yikes. Hope all ends well.

In my neighborhood there's a game I like to play called “fireworks, backfire, or gunshots.” All unfortunately are very common.

Cue song: In the Ghetto...
I am in the province of Corrientes this occurred in Barrio Norte. Happened around 4PM I only heard it, the police station is half a block away and that is where it went down. But it was wild and so are the what happened stories which are floating around, I am waiting to get the real story. It was surreal listening to the gun shots and screaming people from within our house/compound.
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Well, apparently no one died so I will have recant on that, which is a good thing and very hard to believe considering what I heard and saw afterwards. But there were drugs in the mix or so I have been told.

Funny I was chatting with a friend in the US on Skype he was like get out there and take video with your cell phone. LOL he was kidding of course. I was was like man your nuts I am not getting in the middle of anything like that. The two chicos are in jail for now I wonder how long that will last. :rolleyes: