Shop for backpacking essentials?


Jul 27, 2009
So, after living in BsAs I plan to go backpacking in central-america for some time. I only took city-living essentials with me from Norway, so now I'm looking for shops where I can buy some of the things I need. Or else I will have to get them shipped from another country.. So, what I'm looking for is:

- Silk sleeping bag/sack
- Mosquito-net (to hang over the bed)
- Travel towel (light wight, quick dry)
- Lightwight, warm fleece jacket (or something similar)
- Maybe, just maybe a backpack...mine is about to say goodbye :(

I would love any input and help! It really is a jungle out there :)
If I were you I'd leave here with an empty back-pack (or even no back-pack)..Get a ticket straight for Panama City, and get everything there...The prices are unbeatable for most things...don't bother getting anything here...Panama City is Shopping Central - Enjoy!
Thanks Angie, but unfortunatly Panama is not on my route..I'm focusing on Guatemala, Belize and Honduras (or Mexico). So, I want to be sure that I got what I need when I get there..only got 6 weeks.
Hola Kyra!

If I had to buy that kind of stuff (and I would love to), I would try the outlets:

- Godoy Cruz 1316 (Palermo)
- Paraná 772 (subsuelo) (Barrio Norte)
- Juramento 2445 (1er piso) (Belgrano)
- Av. Corrientes 2582, local 54, Entrepiso (Abasto)
- Del Barco Centenera 10, 1er Piso. (Caballito)

Av. Córdoba 4965 (Villa Crespo, I guess)
I would take a look at It´s the local version of ebay. It´s very easy to sign up, no need for credit card details or DNI numbers, and it seems to work pretty well. The best thing about it is that you have a good idea how trustworthy the seller is by their ratings. And prices are probably the most competitive around