Shopping Question Ladies!


Mar 5, 2009
Hi - i have been trying to buy undies from this website - Getien

when it comes to the payment page it says

the airmail with correo argentina .....

then for actual payment there are three options and this is what is written next to each one

visa - (drop down menu with 1 pago, 2 pago, 3 pago)
amex (same as above)
diners (and again same)

anyway, i get to this bit, pick visa, and i click 1 pago (what does this mean) and then it says "error"

i tried to call the number as i have copied from the website below:

Datos de contacto.

Tien S.R.L
Cucha Cucha 2345 – C1416CJY
Ciudad de Buenos Aires – Argentina
Teléfono: (+54 11) 4581-8642
Fax: (+54 11) 4581-8642
Formulario de Contacto click aquí

but when the phone was answered, i spoke some bad spanish and then the woman hung up on me!

can someone please tell me am i doing something wrong with the "pago" business?? im trying to order about 15 pairs of undies. thanks for your time! regards
oh forgot to say ive sent the store emails but they havent bothered to respond so far...

why do they give an option of "1 pago", "2 pago" or "3 pago" next to the visa payment? can someone please tell me what this means? can i just leave it as "1 pago"??
Most " online stores " here do not actually process the credit cards automatically, they will actually call you and do it over the phone. Getien is widely available at most lingerie and underwear stores, I believe it will be much easier shopping for undies in person than online. The 1 pago, 3 pagos etc, are installments to pay for your purchase, but you can only pay this way if your credit card is issued by an Argentine bank, otherwise, you always have to choose 1 pago. Hope it helps.