Shortage of US Imported Food Products


"Grazie" said:
donquixote, why do you not take pride in being an American? You are your own kind of American. I hate imperialism and arrogance too but just that - I make a very clear distinction between those 2 and the USA. If you are not proud to be an American are you willing to give up your American citizenship for that reason?
What is citizenship anyway? I would much rather be a "citizen of the world" than label myself by any one country's political ideas or flag! That is so divisive. So would I renounce my citizenship? Hell yes! Would it change who I am? Hell no! I am proud of who I am, not where I came from. That is the difference.So, can one survive without American ketchup and BBQ sauce, certainly. But since we do enjoy certain creature comforts we have grown accustomed to, let's get out of our comfort zone, find the managers of these stores and request the product. There is a Norte down the block from where I live. They didn't carry "Off" during the mosquito plaque we had last summer so I contacted the manager and asked for it. The next week they were full of the stuff. Unfortunately we turn to these types of forums instead of going to the local supermarket and talking with the owner or manager. Sometimes it's necessary to look here when locals don't know what you are talking about. But BBQ sauce and Peanut Butter.... Pretty common!