"Single mom" studying abroad in BA with my two children, need advice!

Hello everyone! A brief intro on myself...

I am a 25 year old married mom of two boys, currently in the United States working on my degree for social work. I am a native Spanish speaker and have travelled throughout the United States and parts of Mexico. I am currently looking into a semester long study abroad program through my university in 1.5 years. I am starting to plan now because I will be bringing both my children along with me who will be 4 and 5 by then. My husband will only be able to join me for the first two months and then he will return back to the states for work. Our kids will be staying with me from January through June respectively (husband there till end of February). I do receive quite a bit of financial aid and receive the Post 9/11 GI Bill from military service so I will be able to afford the longer term stay in another country reasonably. I have a few questions about daycare costs, transportation, healthcare and what I can expect as a foreigner "single mom" with two kids. We would also love to include a trip to Iguazu Falls which from my research can get very expensive! This is a one in a lifetime opportunity for us and I want to make sure we take full advantage and plan well. I won't go into finances too deeply but averaging out all of my military benefits and financial aid grants I can expect an income of $2,000 per month which would not include any additional private scholarships I apply to or any savings for the trip. Thank you!


The way things are now you won't be able to live on $2,000 USD.
Sergio is absolutely right.

However, the trip will only last for about six months and it will all begin in about a year and a half and nobody can realistically guess what the situation will be like then. So that's eighteen months in which you can do a lot of planning and speculating on alternative case scenarios, build up contacts within and connected with the university where you will be studying and maybe start trying to build up an extra cash reserve early to help see you through. Adapt and alter your plans in response to Argentina's changing situation relative to that in the USA.

Do your children also speak Spanish? That could make a difference to your limitations. And do you already know at which campus of which university you will be studying? Your knowing that will help with the planning.

It sounds like a brilliant opportunity for you and the family and I hope you can find a way to put it all together but it's not going to be easy.


The trip to Iguazu is not expensive if you use a bus. It will take about 14 hrs, but you will see some of the country too.
Also the buses are very comfy, with bed-like seats, cofee machines, bathrooms,etc.


I agree that $2000 per month is going to be tough, but as you say, it’s possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and for your kids. Once they start school, it’s harder to take advantage of a six month adventure. Since you are in an official study abroad program, can they help with child care, insurance or housing? They might have some referrals or resources.
I would be far more hesitant if you were trying to make that budget work for a couple of years, but for six months, I think you should just go for it!


Hey Stephanie!! If you are still on here, please email or message me as I am studying abroad same time you are. I have a son who's 10. Perhaps we could help each other out :)

Pierre Smith

Well, to update, if you get a market rate place to live, $2,000/month is plenty, depending on the neighborhood.

OP - a lot of the posters are used to living in the absolute best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, and might not have a totally accurate picture of just how affordable Buenos Aires can be.


Well, to update, if you get a market rate place to live, $2,000/month is plenty, depending on the neighborhood.
Yes, it probably is. This thread was started in late May of 2018. Stephanie has come and gone (if she came at all). Since then the dollar has tripled in value while prices in pesos of most goods have barely doubled (and many less than that).

I'm not sure how much average rents in Capital federal have increased in the past year and a half, but I doubt they have doubled.

Anyone who has a dollar income/savings outside of Argentina and can arrange for someone to pay for transfers by Western Union, will get close to the "dolar blu" rate. Yesterday's WU "pay in cash in USA, pick up in Argentina" rate may actually have been higher.

PS: I suggest using the Western Union "cash only/bank free" transfers for any "tourists" who can do so and isn't comfortable with the idea of bringing all of the funds they need for their stay. Unfortunately, those officially working in Argentina and earning dollars abroad as well as those with the visa rentista will not be able to do so.
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