Single woman in BA


Hey, I am still fairly new to BA, but I have been having a hard time dating here. The men are quite forceful and direct, and I am used to a more casual approach I guess. What is a good way to meet some nice single men (Argy or expat) in BA?


you know.. the most of people here think that foreing girls are easy ,for that reason the people that you meet try to get something fast with you, not all ok..but we have a wrong idea about try to say no or pacient..


I would say try doing something where guys can be introduced to you, as the ones you meet at bars probably aren't of the best quality... As Patagonik says, they assume foreign = easy and looking for a good time (which is usually spot on! being on vacation and all).

Check out couchsurfing maybe, not exactly to find a boyfriend but the people on there organize lots of events maybe just getting out there to new venues will bring something "more potable" (hehe love that expression in Spanish! "no, no hay nada potable aca" in reference to men/women). I haven't been to one of the couchsurfing things myself yet, but what I have seen posted looked fun.

Last advice: make friends with girls who have boyfriends, and then you can meet all their friends.

Good luck.


Hi, I was thinking the same thing but the other way around - single bloke seeks single women!!

Let me know if you hear of anything and I'll do the same.

If not, we can start a dating agency here. We could make a small fortune!!:p

Good luck...and remember the wise words of Charlie Brown:
"Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love."


last december I organized a "single's night" in Palermo. it was just for people on this site. we had about 35 people show of all ages and both locals and expats alike.
maybe its time we did another one??!!!
good luck on your search...


It might be a cultural misunderstanding. Argentinian girls says no to everything but when they say yes to any simple thing, like a coffe, they will say yes to anything; whiles expats says yes until they say no. So, if you are a little more nasty with argentinians and you understand that this is the way it works here, they will behave. Regards
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