Skype Phishing Email (Scam)


Jul 27, 2006
I received the following email offering free long distance calls.

It's not from Skype. It's from Panama.

There were several reasons I knew it was not from skype:

The email did not include either my name or my skype username and I never provided the email address they used to skype.

Don't give these guys your username and password!

Here is the email:

"Enhance your Skype Experience
Talk to anyone for free in the world with Skype. Skype is available in 28 languages and allows individuals to talk to each using only a simple internet connection. With these new add ons you can record all your video and voice calls and maintain a custom voicemail.
Get the 2010 version here: (my email )
Now do more with Skype:
- Save and record all your video calls in any format
- Great answering machine for when you're away or busy
- Record all your SMS conversations and store them
- With Skype txt or call anyone Skype to Skype for Free
Download latest version here: (my email)
Thank you for choosing us the online leader in VOIP experience.
Best regards,
Steven Parker
VOIP Technologies

If you want to stop receiving mail, please go to:
or you may contact us at the following address:
Media Internet Consultants, Edif. Neptuno, Planta Baja, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Tumba Muerto, n/a, Panama"