Smashing Pumpkins - Nov 18 - Luna Park


I saw the Pumpkins back in '94, when they still could pick things up and smash them.


Billy C is worth double the price of admission (hence, Buy 1, get 1 free is the perfect price), AND... the Pumpkins won't sap your testosterone like the Belle & Sebastian concert I went to on Monday night. Wow! I was running on so much estrogen on Tuesday, that I picked up some flowers on my way back from work.


Awww... there are seriously no nostalgia junkies jumping on this? Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was pretty much the soundtrack to my freshman year of high school; I'd totally snatch these up if I were in town. Have you posted an ad on Craigslist or MercadoLibre? Might be worth a last-minute shot.


so did you sell them??? you are on the side of luna park...where you can sit I am guessing in unassigned seats?? well write me if you havent gotten rid of them!!! cheers.