Smoked Ham Shank...Where?


Feb 11, 2008
Greetings! With Easter fast approaching I am wanting to locate either a smoked ham shank or unsmoked shank...prefer the first. Any locations or suggestions greatly appreciated.
Try the San Telmo market. One of the stalls inside is a pork and beef place, and they have what looks like ham hocks and such hanging from hooks. There may be shanks, too.If you haven't been there, the market is in the interior of the block bounded by Defensa, Estados Unidos, Bolivar, and Carlos Calvo. There are entrances on each street. Depending on which one you use, you may have to wind your way through antique stalls and other non-food passageways to reach the food market.
Thanks VMSmith! I was just thinking about the Belgrano Market..there used to be a pork stall there..does anyone know if it's still there and if they might have what I am looking's closer to where I live than San Telmo...but willing to travel if need be...
Yes, there is a pork stall there. It's almost right across from the two fish stalls. I have not seen the hanging ham hocks and such there, but who knows...? Please let us know if and where you find what you're looking for. With winter approaching, I'll be out doing the same soon.
Will let you know what I find out there...Also, if you're looking for great free range chicken, turkey, brown eggs with the darkest yolks I have ever seen. "La Granja" at the Belgrano Market...they deliver too! Phone is 4781-1243...believe the birds are from Cordoba. Haven't found anyone there that speaks English..but very nice folks and wonderful products and fair prices too. Even able to order the size of turkeys and whole chickens you want if delivered or go back to pick up.
Thanks for the tip. I have noticed two "granjas" in the market: one just around the corner from the pork guy and the two fish stalls, and the other at the far end of the building, almost in the corner. The latter had ducks the first time or two I visited. Now that winter is approaching, I'll probably swing out there and start checking them out in earnest.
The one I buy from is in the far corner by the back door ...kitty corner across from the pasta place...very small little shop. Didn't know he had ducks...I am looking for rabbit...know where I can locate that??
That's the same granja I was referring to. As we roll into autumn and winter, keep your eyes open and you'll undoubtedly see some duck soon. (You can also get duck in Barrio Chino, by the way, as well as goose sometimes, at the Asia Market on Mendoza.)Rabbit is pretty easy to find. Normally a local neighborhood butcher can order it and have it in a day or two. Or, you can go to Jumbo, where there is always fresh (or at least unfrozen) rabbit in the meat section.
Thanks again for all your help! I have never seen rabbit at Jumbo's...but will look next trip...but will check out a local butcher shop first..have several in the area that look clean and sanitary...not a freak about it..but some of the shops..yikes!