So many Laxatives but no Pepto Bismol!?!?

BA Nomad

Nov 22, 2009
So, not to get too graphic, but last week I got a pretty severe case of food poisoning and spent the better part of 3 days in the bathroom. I went to a couple different Farmacitys to see if they had any Pepto Bismol or any other similar medicine for upset stomach and diarrhea. To my amazement and disappointment there was an entire wall of laxatives (there must have been 50 different brands) but not a single anti-diarrheal medicine. I asked the pharmacist and they told me to go to the front to pick up "pastillas de carbon". Almost impossible to find between the stands of gum was a tiny case that housed little black pills. It can't be true that the only way to treat upset stomach in Argentina is to take the equivalent of a couple worthless lumps of charcoal. Can it???

The pastillas de carbon of course did nothing for me and I had to ride out the storm. I've done a fair amount of world travel in my life and I have never had any difficulty finding the pink stuff (or it's equivalent) when I get the runs.

My question are: 1) does anyone know a medicine sold here in BA for upset stomach? I would like something on hand in case I eat something bad again. Maybe I just didnt ask for the right thing, or go to the right place, but I was shocked at the lack of options.
2) How can the country be so preoccupied about constipation that it could warrant a whole wall of laxative options but only a single pathetic and inadequate antidiarrheal. I cant imagine the large beef consumption and resulting constipation alone could explain this disparity.

Can someone give me any insight into this? Thanks!

(loperamida clorhidrato)

It's equal to imodium.

All farmacias should have it.
Thanks BA Nomad! You reminded me of something else I need to bring back. I stocked up on Tums and Maalox but forgot the Pink stuff!
They have Mylanta, under the Mylanta brand name as pastillas/masticables. It's the closest that I got to something for an upset stomach that's neither here nor there.
Crema de Bismuto is what we are always given in case of diaharrea I always have some at home and it is sold everywhere (pharmacy)

I think you don`t need a prescription
I don't know what I'd do without the bottle of Pepto I brought here (which is almost out). I seem to get an upset stomach once a month from eating the food here.
BA is noted as having a large rate of eating disorders such as bulimia and combining use of laxatives to lose weight. Scary to hear how many are on sale in such circumstance!

Hope your feel better!
Sorry for the late answer OP i had the same problem today , i even said the famous pepto bismol you can see in the movies advertisements .. they smile in empathy, do not understand ...
But the good new is i found it, you should ask for it in spanish!!
crema de bismuto.
anyways Pastilla de carbon should work too
I learned this the hard way. Always have "crema de bismutio" at home. Can be easily bought at any pharmacy. It is white, not pink. That will take care of your problems.