..some good music in castellano!!


Dec 20, 2007
The local boys I work with are right into Radiohead, Ramones and Led Zep and Ive asked them for recommendations for some good music in Spanish. So far nothing (they aren`t cumbieros!).

I`ll listen to most things (Gyspy Kings, Piazolla, Julio, Paco De Lucia, Lila Downs etc) but still not into cumbia.

Any recommendations? I96m sure there must be some great music on the continent.

I like Maná from Mexico a lot - their MTV unplugged album is a good place to start...
There is lot's of good music in Latin America. What you need is a way to get more exposure. Each country has some of their own but a lot of it tends to be folk type music. The place that is responsible for more good Latin music than any other is Cuba. Do a little research and find music that sounds like it might be interesting and give it a listen. I recommend MP3Panda.com to get your music. You can download just about any kind of music you can imagine and its very reasonable.
I was going to reply to this thread yesterday, but I just couldn't work out where to start....there is SOOOO much great Latin music!

bigmike - I think we have very similar tastes!

OK, rather than just make a huge list or repeat recommendations already made, I'll give a shout out to my all-time favourite (excluding Brasilian artists) - Juan Luis Guerra, from the Dominican Republic, mainly meringue, salsa etc, mostly sung in Castellano but occasionally in Portuguese and even English.

I saw Cuarteta de Nos play live in December.
They put on a great show, with cool video projections, and very high energy. They have been together for so long that their audience runs from 5 year olds to 60 year olds, all bouncing up and down together.
But their sound is basic So-Cal punk/ska. If you close your eyes, it could be Sublime.
Old, familiar, and safe.

I much prefer
La Yegros
Axel Krygier
No Los Soportos
Islas de Los Estados
Gotan Project
King Coya
Mi Daras Mil Hijos
Al Fin Solos
Gaby Kerpel
Juana Molina
Tango Crash
Ulises Conti
Kevin Johansen
Soda Stereo
Al Fin Solos
Orquestra Tipica Fernandez Fierro
and the Zizek electronic/DJ collective
(almost all have myspace pages, where you can check em out and see if you like em)

These are all Buenos Aires bands, most you can see live in various places, and buy CD's at places like Zivals and Notorius, which are probably the two best places to buy music in BsAs. Best selections, knowledgable staff, and listen before you buy.
Both on Callao, near Corrientes.

Record stores-

Lots of great live music here, very accessible and cheap by US standards (that is, local bands are cheap- foreign bands, at big stadiums, are expensive)

I like seeing music at Club Niceto,
and Trastienda-
both a reasonable size to actually see and hear a band.
I saw Cuarteto at El Teatro, on LaCroze, in Collegiales, which is a great old hall, but tends to specialize more in headbanger rock- if you like that sort of thing, its a great place to see bands as well, you can go up on the balcony, if you are an old fart like me, and dont want to risk the mosh pit...