Someone out for a drink?


Nov 24, 2008
Hola todos!

I'm Isabella from Italy and I'd love to meet expats in Buenos Aires, so if you want also to meet a new expat, contact me and we can have a nice time out for a drink or two!

Cordiali saluti,

Hola Isabella,

My name is Peter and I'm here from the states working on my Spanish and trying to enjoy this lovely city. I've only just been here a week now so maybe we can gather some peeps and explore together.

Hi Isabella and Peter

My name is Anna Maria.. I am from the states as well.... I will be staying here for 6 months.. teaching English. I just got here last Friday, and would love to meet people to hang out with.
Send me a email or call me when when you both want to get together.
my cell: 54-11-55884394
my email is: [email protected]
Hi isabella my name is Simon ..been here for a while to catch up for drinks ...give me a call ...15-5410-1658
Hi guys,

My name is Tarah and I am from the States via Prague. I got here a few weeks ago and would like to meet some people as well. If you're making plans, I'm interested :)

[email protected]
Hey peoples,

I think we would all be going through the same experience and could do with conversation about how to succeed in BA.

I just arrived today in this wonderful city and cannot wait to see it in the light of day.

Email me if you guys meet up on [email protected]

As yet I dont have a phone.


Hey guys,

I shot everyone an email or PM about meeting up tomorrow, but I know a great place in Palermo called Antares (Armenia 1447) that has excellent beer and snacks, quite a cut above the usual Quilmes. From 7-8pm they have a 2x1 happy hour, would you guys be interested? Would be fun to meet some other travelers for a pint and swap stories.

You can catch me by email [email protected] or my cell 11-5164-2696. Lets get together!
hey everybody,

i'd love to meet up and have a few drinks (with ice!)

is there going to be a specific time and place? maybe we could all just meet up and wear the same color? =)
Alright, lets go ahead and shoot for tomorrow then shall we? Antares at 7pm, address like I listed above. I'll grab us some big tables and wear my bright green safari hat. Looking forward to meeting you guys!