Someone to play music with?


Mar 10, 2010
I'm 23. I just got here a few weeks ago. I'll be here for awhile and I'm looking to find someone to play music with.
I have been playing banjo for just over a year and am interested in playing folk, bluegrass, blues, country or anything in that realm.

I'm interested in writing original songs, but will settle for playing old classics.
Drop me a line if you want to play.
Are you still looking for someone to play music with? I play mandolin, and would love to get together with some people to play.



I would also be interested if you are still looking to play together - I started playing banjo around two years ago.

It would be great to hear if anything is going on, or send me a message if you want to try and organise something.


sounds great.sort a meet up you guys.We(us who don,t play)will come along and support you,good luck,Howard
Hi there, anyone still interested to get together to play?


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Hi there !
I´m Henry, I´m a picker, meaning I´m a Country Western & Bluegrass musician-singer-writer. I´m very much involved in this music´s scene in B.A. and Argentina.
I can play Acoustic and Electric Guits., 5 str. banjo and an old Pedal Steel, Harmonica, a lil piano and some accordion. I can sing and do any kind of harmonies. I´m actually performing and representing other bands mainly of this style.
Gimme a call and we´ll talk about it.
cel: 15 6 281-8152.
Does anyone have an idea for a venue? It would be good to try and meet.
Hey, sorry I did not reply earlier. I did not notice the replies.

I am still interested, definitely! For a small group, we could meet in my apartment.

my cel number: 15-5652-2960 (for now at least, it might change in a couple of weeks). You can also send me an email at: rnajlis at yahoo dot com