Soup nazi


Jun 1, 2009
Remember the soup nazi in Seinfeld? he was supposed to be Argentine and at the end of the episode he moved back to Argentina cause he went out of business jaja:D

Anyway, anyone know any place where they have good soup? There aren't really many places like this, any ideas? Thanks!
Sorry I forgot to post this on food and drinks, I don't mind if an admin moves it there!
open kitchen in microcentro (reconquista and alem) do good soup. Take away lunch style stuff though, not really found soup anywhere else.
I think Mafalda speaks for the whole nation with her deep contempt for soup.
Hermann's on Santa Fe makes a really nice garlic soup (sopa de ajo) but your really have to garlic. The sopa Pavese was also good.
I can´t believe this!!! Earlier this week I was about to post the EXACT SAME QUESTION!! I was going to ask if anyone knows where the Soup Nazi is hiding?

I too am looking for other places that serve good soups.
If you want to taste some GREAT SOUPS you should try Kansas, either in Palermo or Acassuso, northern suburbs. Also in Acassuso, only 3 blocks from Kansas is The Embers: they have great French Onion Soup, plus Chili ocn Carne. (Kansas does too)

Pauper is right. Unfortunately they brain-wash children here into believing that having their soup is a punishment, and just as with their fear for spices and flavor, they have no idea what they are missing.
It seems like "a little saigon" ( - its a closed door vietnamese restaurant) has soup about one weekend a month. Often its Pho which in my opionion is the best soup in the world :D
There is a Hungarian restaurant with Goulash in Palermo, Bonpland and Gorriti more or less.
The Natural Deli in Las Cañitas will often have a yummy soup of the day, and happily, it isn't always a squash soup, which is the most common savory liquid one finds in Buenos Aires. The restaurant is at Gorostiaga 1776. They bake their own breads as well, so you can get a nice healthy piece of nutty wheat bread with your soup.

(Since it's not a regular part of the menu, I would call and see if you like what they're serving: 4777-0372/0418.)
There is a Chinese restaurant in San Telmo on the corner of Carlos Calvo and Piedras that has great tofu and Chicken soup. They are open until 12:30 am, but closed between 2 pm until 7:30 pm.