Sour Cream?


Jul 15, 2008
I need sour cream to make Beef Stroganoff.
Is it available here? Are any of those different tubs of cream I see in the supermarket similar?
I think CasanCream that you can find in supermarkets like Carrefour is pretty close to sour cream.
It works, but not the same tartness to the flavor....if you can find the yogurt, plan no sugar, in the glass little jars, that works well...just be careful not to bring to a boil as it can separate....this is very nice yogurt...thick and no water on the top. I have found it in many of the small family owned stores and also Jumbo's...

Sorry, can't remember the name, but it's the only one I have seen in glass jars.

Other thought if you are not wanting to try the yogurt is to use the CasanCream and add a little fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar to give the zip..a thought. I have used the yogurt for baking when it calls for sour cream and it works just fine.

Have never seen sour cream here in 3 years :(
In one of those 400mL pots of cream put 1 teaspoon of salt and the juice of a lemon, then leave it covered at room temp for a couple of hours stirring every now and then.

Its a workable substitute, I think found it on Saltshaker Dan's site.
This is funny how much has to be done just to get something that isn't given a second thought in the States.
Yes...but there are many "little" things you take for granted that just aren't here...I finally had a friend send me real baking powder..the big flakey stuff is all I could find here...just didn't work well for some baking scones were heavy...not anymore!

**and most grocery stores don't carry it...have to go to a dietetica store...which usually has the better products can be an adventure or drive you crazy to find that one item you need :)
Thanks for the tips--I'll give it a shot. Someone else also recommended that I use some of the soft Queso Blanco. I'll post how my dish comes out.
I do miss the availability of sour cream at a time like this, but then I just drink some nice Malbec that I can't find in the States and I feel better about the whole thing... :)
As a replacement for sour cream in dishes, incl Beef Stroganoff I would recommend MendiCrem (hope I got the name right), comes in a regular and light version, use the regular for warm dishes. It's available in all supermarkets.

For baking I'd go with the CasanCrem, preferably the light version and depending on the recipe mixed with plain yoghurt.
Is there an Argentina equivalent of Butter Milk? I haven't seen anything like that.

With regular cream, a tablespoon of butter milk, and a day or two at room temperature, you can get Creme Fraiche, the original version of sour cream and WAY better.