Sources For Organic Specialty Foods, Herbs And Supplements?

Hi everyone!

I'm a nutrition enthusiast returning to BA soon for 3 months and would prefer not to bring a whole suitcase full special foods and supplements. Seeking the following in their purest, whole food forms, free of pesticides and additives. I've found a few of them on Mercado Libre, but can't always guess the quality of the products. Nothing pharmaceutical, please.

Can you recommend where I can get the following (only organic, raw, least processed, unadulterated - you get the picture):

Organic bulk herbs and roots:
  • Dandelion Root
  • Chicory Root
  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Stinging Nettle (Ortiga)
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Local Bee Pollen
Grass-fed beef liver (not veal or chicken)
Other grass-fed offal
Fermented vegetables (like chucrut)
Whole food source of vitamin C, such as powdered camu camu or acerola berries

Grass-fed collagen powder
Magnesium chloride flakes
Unrefined, mineral-dense salt, preferably gray like Celtic - not pink Himalayan
Good oysters
Reliable cod liver oil, as virgin as possible, unheated, with no added vitamin D
Betaine Hydrochloride (
Baking soda (bicarbonato de sodio) in large quantity
Borax (sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate)
Cream of Tartar (potassium bitartrate) - 1/2 kilo?

Coconut oil - organic, unrefined
Best organic olive oil? What's your favorite?
Best quality spring or mineral water - does anyone deliver? bottled in glass?

Thanks so much if you can help with ANY of these!

You are visiting the wrong country if you are looking for natural supplements and organic food.

Except for the baking soda and the grass fed beef, you will have to bring all that with you.


many of these things you just wont find.

there are organic markets, but what they have is local, and it varies seasonally.
you will want to go to mercado bonpland, in palermo hollywood- there are several organic stalls there, and, they may know where to get hard to source items.
this place is good-
the monthly ferias at the faciultad agronomia are good, but mostly for fruits and vegetables.

never seen good oysters here. I am a bit of an oyster snob, as they harvest some of the worlds best a mile or two from my US house- but even very expensive oysters in BsAs are not much.
bee pollen should be no problem

there are local dieteticas- kind of sort of health food stores- in every neighborhood, but they will only have a very few of these things.
Av. Pueyrredón 2088
C1119 Recoleta
TEL 011 4806 6993

The first organic market in Buenos Aires
Opened last year
When I am in BA i go there, luckily I am still in Marin County,Ca,
Of course the fires... tragic..sad
Soon to go to BA!

Supplements and such I travel with,
Its almost impossible to find them or to find reliable quality.
Good Luck!
Wrong place for supplements, but right place for tango, right tangotrucho? That's why I tolerate the inconveniences. :)
Tangotrucho, do you know where to get the grass-fed beef that you mention? It seems to me that most is exported, and what we get in the city finishes on grains in feedlots.

I buy lots of organic foods at El Galpon market, as well as pastured chickens and eggs. I've had organic food delivered to my home weekly by El Rincon Organico.
On last year's visit, I managed to eat almost 100% organic at home. It looks like the organic community is growing in BA.
Expatgigi just gave us another resource (thank you), and my Porteño boyfriend sometimes orders produce from a few others.

I've found half a dozen items on the list so far on Mercado Libre, and another friend directed me to a very good herboristeria. Meanwhile, I'm making a big Amazon order.
You could try Fresco, the organic food store, Juramento 2540, Belgrano.
Their email is
They speak English.
Thank you, April 1!
For anyone interested, here's what their website says:
  • Frutas y verduras orgánicas traidas directo de huertas certificadas, en su pico de sabor y vitalidad.
  • Lácteos orgánicos y artesanales de pequeños productores locales, de calidad y más saludables.
  • Carne pastoril, o grass-fed, fresca y nutritiva.
  • Comidas deliciosas de nuestra cocina, con ingredientes orgánicos. Platos con carne pastoril, platos veganos y raw.
I like the big variety at El Galpon, a big organic market, for fruits and vegetables, eggs, butter, and poultry.
But I'll write to Fresco to see if they can get me grass-fed liver.

Thanks again,
I found this on mercado libre which may be a source for finding other items.

There is an organic food market/fair in San Telmo twice a week which is good for finding some fresh food.