Spanish Class


Hi All,

Anyone have any suggestions for Spanish classes? The ones I have seen look very intense and expensive. For example, the Expanish program sounds like a fun and comprehensive program, but costs $180/week. That's almost as much as my monthly budget in Buenos Aires!

Ideally, I am seeking a group class for 10 hours/week for much less $$$. I am simply looking for an opporunity to learn and practice in my spare time, as well as make new friends who share a mediocre command of the language :)

Any recommendations?

Thanks for your help!



I'm looking for cheap spanish lessons too. Does anyone have recommendations?
Right now, my teachers are Mirtha Legrand and Cronica TV, and that's not going very well :)
Hi Brad and Slopey,

I´m a Spanish teacher 19 years ago (Lic. in Letras-UBA). I work with the grammar structure´s automatization, exercises and conversation, according to the student´s needs.
I charge 30 pesos per hour if you take less than 6 hours per week. If you take more, for instance, 2 hours from Monday to Friday is 25 pesos per hour (250 pesos per week). One to one, at your place with material included.
Feel free to ask, please, if you need more information. My email is:




Brad and Slopey, check out the forum post by Mclare - titled Alternative to Intensive Spanish Class for Working Expats.....I think this may suit you both...