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Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with language schools in capital? I'm looking for a high level Spanish class that meets once or twice a week (i.e., not intensive). I've been looking into UBA Idiomas and Centro Universitario de Idiomas but am open to anywhere that's good. Proximity to Belgrano would be a plus, but it's not mandatory.



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Check the search function here and you will find tons of advice.
My advice is and always has been to skip the waste of time schools and get a private tutor. I got far more out of 4 hours a week with Adriana Crom (in Recoleta) than I did at a 20 hour per week intensive class in centro. Not much difference in price either.
I've had private classes with Lilia Meli for some months now and I am thrilled with my progress. She has the highest teaching credentials, 25 years experience and is reasonably priced. Location is flexible too.
Go to

full of 10000 teachers with all price ranges. try trial classes with 2-4 of them via skype. zero on to 1.

much cheaper than Argentine teachers in BA
As learning my Spanish goes, I have covered the gamut. Self taught. Online apps. Listening apps. Classes via Skype. Group classes. And privates. The best experience for me by far has been face to face private classes with a competent professional. With this method I have discovered that 2 heads are better than one - especially a 2nd head that is well versed and experienced in the nuances and intricacies that come into play (and they know better than you do how you are doing and 'what comes next'). Sure, there is some merit in all of the above opportunities, but for me personally, I have realized my most significant progress with my private lessons. I'm in the zone!
Some english speaking ladies I met had Spanish classes for years with a mentioned teacher , they were frustrated because they understood well written Spanish , but no one could understand them ... clearly.o_O
Rich, if by inference you're mentioning the experience of some lady friends you met with my teacher, I would add that I have had quite the opposite experience. My pronunciation has become quite good and everyone, including natives are able to understand me easily and have often complimented my spoken Spanish. (You should hear my trills by golly!) Now if I could just flip that so that I can easily understand the rapid-speaking Porteños I would really be going places !!! It seems common that lots of Gringos/as have difficulty with spoken Spanish. Perhaps it isn't fair to blame the teacher - especially after claiming to have taken classes from the same person for 'years' (?) Five Stars for Lilia!
Hi everyone. I'm a certified English teacher, but I've been teaching low levels for a while now so I my English got rusty. Is there any of you who would be interested in exchanging 'meaningful' Spanish for English talking time with a language teacher? Thanks.