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Nov 23, 2009
Hi all - I'm moving to Bs As in january and was looking to improve my spanish by taking a class. Any recommendations? I'd love to meet new people so any advice on which ones are particularly social would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I went to a school called Expanish in downtown Buenos Aires. I was super happy with the classes, activities, etc, and made a lot of friends there! Plus, I had been to a few other schools in the city, and this one is the best that i have been to! Its well priced too.

the website is

buena suerte!
I wrote an article on this a little while ago, but it is not published yet so I can't link it for you.

I've attended IBL which I liked but it is a pretty strict, institutionalized curriculum. TEFL has a school here too that I've heard is good but is a little intense. They call the classes "survival spanish." LV Studio is good too. They do custom classes and have a free conversation class that I go to on Wednesdays. Also, there is Español Andando that I did which is really fun. It just covers the basics but it is a class combined with a walking tour of BA so you get a sense of how to live in the city as well as learn some Spanish.

Hope that helps
Hey...I enrolled in a school in Recoleta and it is really is run by the TEFL organisation, if you are on facebook then search ´TEFL international Buenos Aires´...I would really recommend the courses, they have beginner, intermediate and high level, they last for 4 weeks, 3 hours a day and costs only 200USD!
Hey, my roommate went to a Spanish school in downtown Buenos Aires, she was really happy with her classes, and did a total of 5 weeks there. here is the site:

i think most schools are around the same prices.. i wouldnt' pay anymore than 180$ per week, you can find ones for less.
"Mary" :

Considering EVERY post you make is about this school, why not just be up front and post on behalf of the school ?

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