Spanish conversation course- Fun, different and budget!


Jun 13, 2006
Español Andando is a new concept on learning Spanish: discover the city learning Spanish and learn Spanish discovering the city.

It’s an informal and relaxed group course that allows you to learn Spanish in its own environment, in a 100% practical way!

Espanol Andando It’s an introduction to the Spanish language and Latin American Culture.

Through activities and materials that are specially designed, classes are held in different spots: outdoor lessons, classes in restaurants, classes in cafes, shops. Español Andando is not a school, with Español Andando the school is Buenos Aires!

At Español Andando you learn Spanish thru every day life experiences, walking down a street, visiting shops, trying typical meals or having a coffee at the most traditional cafés in the city. It’s a communicative approach that integrates oral and written learning.

Espanol Andando is designed for travellers, so we made sure that trough the four sessions you learn the basics of survival Spanish.

There’s grammar and vocabulary too thru an interactive and practical approach, surrounded by speaking situations. By learning Spanish we are actually doing things with words. Learning and discussing historical, social and cultural issues. This dynamic and comprehensive learning process focuses on a cultural and friendly exchange that turns information into experience.

Remember, Espanol Andando is mainly a practical course; It’s all about the “experience of speaking Spanish”.

Courses start every Monday.

Please, check for more info!