Spanish Lesson in Long Island


Jun 14, 2007
I am moving to BA in a year..and I wish to fine tune my spanish this year..if anyone knows of someone close to Long Beach Long Island that would be a private tutor...I would pay very well....I can be contacted at [email protected] ..Thanks
Hey Anthony -- you could start by looking on or do a search through Yahoo Groups for Argentines in NYC (is Long Island close, sorry my geography is failing me at the moment, I may have placed you on the other coast entirely!)
Try to find a Porteno/a to teach you -- it will help a lot with the accent when you arrive. If Craigslist doesn't turn anything up have a browse through the web for latino/hispanic community centres / cafes etc that are nearby -- they may have listings for teachers or be able to set you in the right direction.
That's a good point syngirl, about the accent being different in Buenos Aires as well as Argentina. It's a slightly different spanish than other Latin American countries.
The accent is *very* different than the one taught in typical Spanish language class. I took a course but getting there, it just wan't that applicable (ej: the "ll" in many Spanish speaking countries is a "y" sound but in Argentina, it's the "j")
I would try posting on craigslist or reaching out to a local college & asking if they know someone who is native to Argentina & can give you lessons:)
Good luck!
"AnthonyC" said:
..if anyone knows of someone close to Long Beach Long Island that would be a private tutor...
Another option would be to hire a local tutor and take lessons over Skype, for example. Or it is absolutely necessary for tutor to be physically present?