Spanish Tutor help please!


Feb 23, 2009
Hi my name is Michelle
I have a friend staying with me for 6months to a year. We have been aggressively looking for an institute that teaches beginner Spanish. Does anyone know of a school or a tutoring place that will have someone come to my house and teach Spanish? thank you so much!
The native porteña who brought my Spanish from near ignorance to near fluency does go to students' homes and offices. She's excellent -- actually educated as a teacher, unlike most out there. If you send me a PM, I'd be happy to send you her name and contact information.
Hi Michelle, my name is Marcelo. I'm from Argentina but living now in the Washington Metropolitan Area and working at NIH. After 8 years I'm coming back with my family to Baires to continue my scientific career there. I have experience teaching my bilingual son here, including some Spanish talks I gave in his kinder class at NASA's day-care as well as participating in the Argentina school in Potomac attended by bilingual kids. Believe me, I understand you. I contacted bilingual teachers to help me during the first years, specially to deal with such kind of crazy phonetic differences .... and trying to understand my lovely african american neighbors .... Now, teaching argentine Spanish to Americans is a challenge that I'd like to face in my extra time when I come back soon. You can contact me at: [email protected]
Hi! I have worked with an incredible tutor for almost 2 years now. Her name is Gabriela Garcia, she's porteña, and she has been working with expats at all levels for 15 years. She was originally recommended to me, and I have since recommended her to many other expats at different levels, all of whom have been very pleased as well (and continue to work with her). She adjusts each session to your level and interests and includes as much of Argentine culture, politics, history, etc. as you desire, so it's an extremely effective and interesting way to learn Spanish & about Argentina simultaneously. She can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]. She's also on Facebook if you would like to connect that way. Good luck!
Hello! I just wanted to say that the last time I was in BsAs this past December, I took classes at a school called COINED, which was good, but expensive. You have the interactive experience with other students, which has its advantages and they have all levels. Additionally, I used a private tutor, Lis2007_Hotmail_com, who responded to you earlier. She was great. She speaks several languages (English, French at least) and was willing to come to the apartment most any day. She has 18 years of experience and she brings all her own materials, and plenty of home work if you so choose (I did). I rate her very high!
you can check our web site. We delivery one to one as well as groupal lessons
Where are you currently living? I have many friends who could help you. No schools, just private teachers