Spanish tutor - recommendations?


Mar 26, 2010
Dear all, I am visiting BA starting April 1, basically a study-holiday to practice Spanish prior to a company exam on the 12th.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a private language tutor I could hire to meet for two hours a day in a café somewhere? Or perhaps a school or agency I could contact to arrange a tutor?

I just finished private classes with Gabriela Ferrante. She tutors in different cafes around the city. She is a professional, dedicated and talented teacher, and makes her tutoring sessions so interesting and worthwhile. I'm a French and ESL teacher, so I am definitely picky when it comes to choosing a tutor for myself. Check out her
I absolutely adore my Spanish tutor - I can't speak highly enough about her. She tweaks her lessons to what you are interested in (our last classes included readings from Kierkegaard as I was a philosophy major and texts regarding the inflation issues as it affects my business). You spend the entire class speaking in Spanish so it really pushes you to expand your conversational skills.

Her name is Gabriela Garcia - I will PM you her number.
Hola Alan,
I learnt a lot when I went to AIE (asociacion international de estudios) and I didn't speak spanish at all, I got a really good teacher, it's a really good school, very serious, very friendly and you don't feel yourself like a tourist. They have some materiels to help you, it's like a family. Here is their,
they organised many activities (tango show, trip in the countryside, bike tours, etc.) very funny. Enjoy your trip here. Kisses
I reccommend you Verbum school
It is located close to Palermo and teachers are very good. One-on-one lessons costs U$S 15 an hour and you can meet the teacher at the school, at your place or at a café.
I’ve just finished 4 weeks of Spanish classes at Ñ de español in Buenos Aires. It was a fantastic experience, feel so much more confident to speak Spanish now..
The school has a great vibe, is a team of fabulous teachers (Cecilia was my teacher), and they teach in a nice area, palermo..:)
Hi Citygirl, could you also kindly PM me the number of your tutor please? Thanks
Hey everyone, there's a new site called that is a sort of facebook for language tutors/learners in BA. It's pretty new, but has a bunch of tutors signed up. They all post their qualifications, price per hour, availability and where they're willing to meet up. You could search for spanish tutors and then contact them directly through the site (kind of like facebook messaging). I hope that helps!