Spanish tutoring


I´ve been teaching Spanish for the last six years to any sort of people. I have a degree from University of Buenos Aires and I love working as a teacher. I´m also musician and involved in the arts, a very easygoing person.
You can read a brief comment about me at the end of the 12th post on one of my student´s blog. Since she took the most amazing photos of Buenos Aires and her writing is very smart, I guess it will be a very interesting introduction to B.A..


Hi Cecilia,
It would be nice to view the blog you mention, featuring yourself, but in order to do so we need the address. Can you please post it here?
Please e-mail me to this address and I can help you on how to post the correct address. Plus I can tell you many places where you can get expat students needing a teacher like you.
Saludos, Joe