Specialists living in Buenos Aires, preferably with teaching experience at graduate or executive level


I am the executive director of a local NGO and we are applying for a grant from the US government to design and execute a comprehensive training program aimed to empower women leaders in labor unions.
The program is called "Empowering Women Leaders in Argentine Labor Unions" and will run through 3 years.
The Notice of Funding Opportunity issued by the embassy states that it is preferable to have some US specialists within the instructors staff, and that's why I am posting this in the Forum. I am contacting my friends in US universities, but one colleague mentioned this forum and I decided to give it a try.
This is not for immediate execution (the program will run for 3 years and there will be five or six exchange activities per year, so maybe some of the selected specialists will participate in 2020/2021/2022). This means that if you are in Buenos Aires for a short period of time this is not for you (unless you are willing to come back to Buenos Aires for the program - we will pay air travel, hotel and fees). Anyway, someone established in the country would be an ideal candidate.

What I am looking for? Well, basically I would like to find specialists in some of the following topics (knowledge of spanish is mandatory):
- Future of work, Artificial Intelligence and tecnological unemployment
- Leadership
- Political, economic, technological and social trends
- New media and interactive communications
- Game theory and decision making
- Communications (Institutional, relationship with media and other stakeholders)
- Project management
- Negotiations
- Environment, sustainability and CSR

If you have experience/knowledge on any of the above mentioned subject matters and have the adequate academic credentials, or if you know someone who has them, please let me know.
The deadline for this initiative is in two weeks, so this has to be decided pretty fast.