Specialty Spanish Language Book Stores


Feb 20, 2006
I am looking for places that can fill in the holes in the merchandise that I have seen in Ateneo, Cuspide, Galerna, Distal, ....etc. I like to read and I almost know the catalog to Ateneo and Cuspide by heart. I also have some smaller local favorites near my place in Palermo but I realize that there are entire sections of the city that I still haven't explored. I was thinking that I would probably find a better selection of books if I could locate specialty book shops. For example, a place that specializes in History, the occult, student reading, local favorites. I was also wondering which off the beaten path shops would be associated with the local universities as they might have a broader selection. I don't care if it is far away.
Eric, A partial response. The Argentine Book Chamber lists in it´s website all it´s members, with contact details including websites....(Editoriales/ Publishing companies, mostly)
Through the publishing companies websites you can see what books they edit-topics and such and also get to see to which bookstores they are distributing their books to or whether you can purchase them directly at their offices.....
Hope it helps and if I find more info that may be of interest you regarding this topic will post.
Almost forgot: the 33.ª International Book Fair is taking place soon in Buenos Aires.... there you will find stands of almost all of the publishers and Bookshops in BA. Definitely worth a visit to see what they have: Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires From 16th of April to the 7th Mayo 2007 La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires (Plaza Italia)
You should stroll along Corrientes where you will find tiny bookstores more than once served by the owners and where you will encounter most likely titles that you won't see at Cuspide, Ateneo that have a much more commercial interest.