SportClub membership available August 27


Feb 28, 2009
Hi all,

I have a one-year Sport Club membership that I started on April 1, but am leaving Argentina the end of August.

For those of you new to the area, SportClub is an American-Style gym with several locations in the city: The "sede" (location) I use, on Paraguay & Ayachucho, was recently renovated and has, in addition to the pool, brand new cardio machines (including ellipiticals) and brand new weight rooms.

I have two options: I can either cancel my membership in June (and my first-last month's deposit will get me through the end of August), or I can transfer my membership to someone else.

The membership is 115 pesos/month, with access to ALL the sedes in Buenos Aires, including pools. 115 pesos/month is about $32.26 on my monthly credit card statement -- but I'll sell it for $30.

Basically, you would have the membership begininng August 27 -- so for 7 months (September - March). Thirty dollars at seven months is $210 -- a great deal.

Let me know! You can respond here or via Private Message.
~ Jenn