Squash & Tennis


Hi everyone, anyone know of any good squash or tennis clubs?

Im looking to have a few hits while im down there,

Carolina Girl

If you google earth Buenos Aires...northern side.. you will see SO MUCH ORANGE from all the clay courts there are in the city. I don't think you will have any trouble finding any. They are EVERYWHERE.

but it depends where you live...
I only know Olivos (there is one 2 blocks from the Borges RR station)
and Belgrano (Belgrano Athletic Club) where my cousin plays.

I emailed the BAC before I arrived in BA to ask if I could have a temporary membership... no special offers but I am going to tag along with my cousin next time she plays and see what's up.


There is a place called Club Puente Tenis - it's on niceto vega between juan b justo y humboldt. It's small - only three clay courts - and one of them is covered. I think it's 63 pesos an hour.