Ssa-banco macro deal


Today Wensday 26-10 I was invited to a meeting at the American Embassy where they unveiled a new plan to provide a new service.
Aparently, the SSA made a deal with the US Mellon bank to wire retirement funds to any retired person in Argentina. They will open an account in the local Macro bank and provide an ATM card, it seems.
There will be only a ten bucks monthly charge, with no charge for the ATM withdrawals.
Also, they will provide loans up to 50K$AR at fixed interestes, and also they will provide a %5 refund on IVA sales.
In the next month or so they will start sending applications to all USA retired.


Tried PMing you but didn't work.
That's great news for those of us receiving SS income. Have you heard anything else since your meeting? I have looked at several websites that might have this information, but haven't found anything.


HenryNisental said:
No, but you can contact Eduardo at the Us consulate in BA for more info or visit a branch of Banco Macro.
I'll do that, it will really big a big help if it were to materialize.


Does this apply to a pension as well as social security? My mother-in-law gets her social security deposited in a bank in BA but not her husband's pension.

Thank you any one.