Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series


Jul 12, 2008
Hello all. I'm looking for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight volumes no. 2 (New Moon) and no. 3 (Eclipse) in English. If anyone is willing to sell, share, trade, whatever, then please let me know. Thank you!
Hi allcraz - if you're still looking, I have volumes 2 & 3 in English. Only twist is that you'd have to pick up in Palermo before 10am tomorrow (Tues, 4/7). Give me a call on 4833-3173 if you're interested. - Leslie
hi, i am looking for all the Twilight series books to buy (1,2,3 and 4). If anyone is selling them will you please let me know. [email protected]. Thanks!
Since I always want to read books in english, I wrote to Barnes and Noble, and asked wether or not they ship them here to Bs. As. and YES they do!
And since books here are way more expensive, I compared prices with the US. and its even CHEAPER to order one from B&N and have it shiped here, even by paying some extra because of it. There was one book that I brough back with me that was 15 dolars, and here they sold it at 250 pesos, so if I wanted it send it to me, it was something around 140 pesos at the end!