Streaming Radio Problems?


Sep 27, 2008
Is anyone listening to streaming radio from the USA?

A couple of months ago I was able to listen to many different stations using the individual websites of the radio stations or Radio stations listed in ITunes.

Now it seems that the can not be buffered enough to prevent delays.

I am using Fibertel and have not changed anything. I am the only one using the network and there are no background applications/systems using my connection.

Any ideas?
uhhmm, I listen to Howard Stern every single morning, but never had problems like that. If you get like an error message, let me know, I had something like that happened to me before. Just PM and we'll sort it out.

Are you using a wireless router? Is your wireless password protected? Hooking onto someone else's network is commonplace in Bs As. If the guy in the next building has started piggy-backing onto your network and is playing on-line games or YouTube videos then the bandwidth available to you could slow down to a trickle.
elhombresinnombre said:
Are you using a wireless router? Is your wireless password protected?

I am all protected and secured on my wireless router. Only my MAC addresses can access the network. The speed tests with Speakeasy's speed test site remains pretty consistent.

But who knows with Fibertel's infrastructure.
Hi, I also like listening to the BBC radio programmes, recently many of the 'listen again' programmes don't function but usually I can get the live broadcast ok, occasionally with a little hic cough now and again. I don't have a wi fi connection, just the Telefonica jokingly called 'Speedy' (should be called Sleepy) broadband
No problems with Fibertel wifi and Mac with Itunes / radio stations presets.

I can't access Pandora which I miss a lot.
kikedeolivos said:
I can't access Pandora which I miss a lot.

To access Pandora (which utterly rocks BTW) all you need to do is use a virtual private network (VPN) which makes it look like you're in the US.

Do a google search, there are countless options, and u can sign up to one for a couple of dollars a month. Or do a search for a free one that u can use temporarily when u want to use pandora.